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Bacon Bourbon and Brew Festival Recap

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Did you attend Bacon Bourbon and Brew this past weekend? If you did give this post a like! We hope you enjoy reading while we recap everything from the food to the music at Bacon Bourbon and Brew! Be sure to check out our social media pages linked below.



The first word of the festival deserves so much of the credit! Many of the food items were wrapped, coated, covered, smothered, dipped, cooked, grilled, or fried in/with bacon in some way! From bacon wrapped ribs to the big bacon sandwich, it was every meat lover's dream! It was impossible to step a foot into the festival and not be instantly hit with the salty aroma of crispy bacon! #notcomplaining



It wouldn't be Bacon BOURBON and Brew without the Bourbon, now would it? The highest selling Bourbon in the world was available at Bacon Bourbon and Brew. There was a bourbon bar dedicated to pouring mixed drinks made of all types of bourbon. Limited edition, flavored and popular bourbons from Jim Beam were available Thursday-Sunday. There were also bourbon related activities held under the Bourbon Experience Tent. These activities included Bourbon Trivia, Bourbon and Chocolate Pairings, Bourbon and Bacon Classes, Bourbon 101 and more!



It's in the title! Last but definitely not least, Bacon Bourbon and Brew festival planners strive to ensure the highest quality and most sought after beers are available. Our presenting sponsor, Braxton Brewing Co. provided several quality beers such as Summertrip, Storm, 1957, Revamp and Braxton Lab's New England IPA. Christian Moerlein ran the activities for the Brew Haus this weekend. They were pouring ice-cold beers all weekend long under the Brew Haus tent. The Brew Haus activities included a Moerlein Beer Flight and Food Pairing, Cincinnati Beer Trivia, Beer 101 and Beer Tasting with Christian Moerlein Master Brewer JD Angell and The Story of the Little Kings Cream Ale.


Live Music

This past weekend live music was flooding through the streets of Newport at the Bacon Bourbon and Brew Festival! There were so many talented bands drawing in huge crowds! We would like to say a special thanks to all of the bands who came out and performed this weekend! Buzz Bin, Trailer Park Floosies, Model Behavior, Doghouse, Final Order, Swan, The Everyday People Band, Zack Attack, 3 Day Rule and My Sister Sarah provided nothing but great music from start to finish.

What did you go for? The bacon, bourbon, or brew? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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