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National Food Day

Happy National Food Day!

For this week's blog post we are going to revisit all the great food from Summer 2018 Festivals! From Party on the Purple to Taps Tastes and Tunes and much more! Leave a comment letting us know what you tried and what you can't wait to try next year!

Lets begin.

*WARNING: This blog post features tons of great food and is sure to have your stomach rumbling!

Party on the Purple

Your favorite summer mid-week party destination is always serving up the most satisfying and delicious eats from local food trucks, vendors and restaurants. Each week new food options are available and you'll never get the same thing twice. From FroYo to Glier's Goetta, Waffles, BBQ, Pizza, Tacos and Gourmet Pretzels we have it all!

Swipe through the photos to see what food varieties Party on the Purple offers!

Taps Tastes & Tunes

It's in the name! New to 2018, the Taps Tastes and Tunes Festival quickly developed the nickname "Taste of Butler County" because of all the great tastes that were available! Restaurants such as PF Changs, Mitchell's Fish Market, Topgolf, Bravo, Haveli Indian Grill, Cooper's Hawk, Larosa's, Fricker's, Phenomenal Corn, and more were serving delicious varieties of tasty food! This festival also caters to vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free eaters. Just ask the vendor to make sure!

Enjoy these great shots!

Bacon Bourbon and Brew

Must we say more? All menu items at the Bacon Bourbon and Brew Festival must feature craft beer, bourbon or bacon in some way! From Bacon Wrapped Deep Fried Oreos to Bourbon BBQ Bacon Wrapped Chicken Kabobs, this festival is sure to satisfy all your tastebuds. Can't wait until the next Bacon Bourbon and Brew Festival to enjoy all the tasty items featured below? Or, maybe your just looking for some Bacon Bourbon and Brew Inspo. Either way, be sure to check out the Bacon Bourbon and Brew Pinterest Board!

Glier's Goettafest

Goetta is the heart and soul of Cincinnati! Glier's Goettafest is the highest attended multi-day event in Newport. With the fun, family friendly atmosphere, live music and terrific food, this festival is a fan favorite.

Great Inland Seafood Festival

From Whole Maine Lobsters to Seafood Salad, every single recipe is handcrafted with fresh and delicious ingredients. The 2018 Great Inland Seafood Festival featured more restaurants than ever before! Vendors from Florida traveled long hours to bring the Great Inland Seafood Festival tasty eats. From the upscale atmosphere to the great music and drinks, this festival is perfect for every seafood fan! We had festival attendees come from West Virginia and beyond just for this festival (and rightfully so)!

Oktoberfest Newport

Oktoberfest Newport is known to be the most authentic Oktoberfest in the area. From traditional German food to imported and craft beer and live German entertainment, this festival has been a local favorite for years. From Superbrats to Goetta Nachos to Homemade Pretzels, this festival has something everyone in the family is sure to enjoy!


What's your favorite food? Let us know in the comments below! 🍗🌽🥓🌮🍝🍩🌭🍕

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