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How to Throw the Perfect Halloween Party

It's that time of year again, Halloween is just around the corner! We hope you're ready to get in the Halloween spirit! 👻

Follow these helpful steps to amaze your guests with the perfect Halloween party this year.

Step 1. The Invitations

This may be the most crucial step in the whole event planning process. To get people really excited about your event, it is important to give them a great first impression. Event invitations are fairly easy to make and always look great when mailed or virtually sent out. Take this event invitation as the perfect example!

Step 2. The Event Equipment, Furniture, Linens, Tents and More!

You can't throw a party if people don't have comfortable seating! Order chairs from ColdIron to ensure that your guests will be comfortable the whole night. Also, there may be a ghostly chill in the air, but you can ensure your guests are comfortable and warm with ColdIron Event Rentals tents and tent heaters! Cincinnati is prone to unpredictable weather forecasts, but don't let that interfere with your Halloween party plans! ColdIron's signature Vineyard collection is perfect to pair with spooky decorations and dark colored linens. For more information on all that ColdIron provides, visit

Step 3. The Food

Everyone knows it's not a party without great food! Don't settle for boring appetizers or basic snacks. There are tons of great recipes and inspiration on ColdIron Event Rentals' Pinterest Page. If you want to keep your guests happy, mix it up with Jack-O'-Lantern Chips & Dip and Chocolate Spider Trifles!

Don't settle for tacky paper plates and plastic silverware. Amaze your guests with elegant dinnerware. ColdIron Event Rentals can help provide you with all the plates, serving dishes, knives, forks, spoons, napkins and more that you may need. Click here to learn more.

Take inspiration from the photos below!

Step 4. The Drinks

Whether your throwing a mid-week party and want to stick to non-alcoholic beverages or are wanting to mix things up a little more, these ideas are sure to please any crowd! Don't forget that ColdIron Event Rentals has a great supply of Rocks Glasses, Martini Glasses, Wine Glasses, Champagne Glasses, Pilsner Glasses, Glass Goblets, Irish Coffee Mugs and Coffee Cups to ensure all of your guests are satisfied. Once again, the ColdIron Event Rentals Halloween Party Ideas Board on Pinterest has a great selection of Halloween themed drink ideas that you can pour into our glasses. Check it out!

Step 5. The Movies and Music

Scary movies and spooky music are a great way to entertain guests while they are enjoying their spooky snacks and haunting drinks. Use your favorite music streaming app like #Pandora, #Spotify or #YouTube to cast a spooky ambiance across the whole party. #Netflix has a great selection of scary movies. Check out this website to see a list of some of the best #HalloweenMovies available on Netflix right now!

Step 6. The Decorations

There are two main components to great Halloween decorations. First, you must have elegant, dark linens to top off your tables. Rent your linens from ColdIron by clicking here. Second, find great Halloween decor from local shops or make them yourself. For more inspiration on how to decorate your tables, chairs, and tents, click here.

Halloween Dinner Table
Achieve this look by using the ColdIron Vineyard table and chairs with dark linens, elegant dinnerware and add your own special twist with spooky decorations.

Step 7. The Costumes

It's not a Halloween Party without costumes! Can't decide what to go as? Take some inspiration from Cincinnati's hottest festivals and events.

Dress up as a Lobster for the Great Inland Seafood Festival. Or, wear Lederhosen and Dirndls for Oktoberfest Newport!

Step 8. The Fun

Now that you have your party planned out, give ColdIron Event Rentals a call at (513) 882-2951 to book your furniture, dinnerware and tents today! We know your busy with cooking and decorating, that's why we deliver it straight to you and set it up! All you have to worry about it having a great time at your 2018 Halloween Party!

Best Witches! 🧙

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